Mission and Vision


The author and the medical editor have deeply incorporated as an unwavering mission to communicate scientific research of the highest quality, in a non fiction narrative that uses plain English language easy to understand for the general reader.


To provide innovative, bold and unusual non fiction writing style that uses plain English language to decipher scientific studies, data and results, that are incorporated in the content of the book, resulting into a cutting edge very easy to understand narrative.

Produced in a narrative that presents a fusion of scientific data and plain English language non fiction writing style for the average reader.

Background of Mission and Vision

Scientific research together with clinical trials remains, one of the most respected forms of producing and communicating high quality information around the world.

In the medical field, some of the best and the brightest scientists and medical researchers, around the world, produce extremely valuable studies that contain information that sometimes can be too technical. For the benefit of humanity, high quality medical research is being generated all over the world, revealing the powerful benefit that nature has afforded us, let us not waste it.

And sometimes this scientific information is not expressed, in average level English language. This situation sometimes creates a gap between science and the average reader.

The author and the medical editor have worked very hard and have put in long hours to locate, decipher and write about high quality alternative health and nutrition from scientific research sources, in an easy to understand, average level English language.