What Causes ED or Impotence:

The sexual function of men involves numerous body functions, organs and glands, that need to be orchestrated in a matters of minutes, for a successful erection to happen that could lead to a mutual orgasm with your partner.

If any of these body functions, organs and glands described in this guide are not performing well, then, erectile dysfunction or impotence or premature ejaculation could occur.

The main causes of this malfunction are:

  • Low levels of testosterone and excess of estrogen, this could be difficult to manage.
  • Excessive exposure to phytoestrogens, xeno-estrogens and other chemical analogic forms of estrogen that could steel away our manhood very fast.
  • Some of us could be estrogen dominants, meaning we have kept high levels of estrogen in our bodies.
  • What we eat and drink everyday are extremely important to our performance to ignore it.
  • Aging is a common cause, but even men over age 70 have their sexual function working properly, so do not be discouraged by age.
  • Enough blood flow to our little friend when we need it the most.
  • Processes that take place in the prostate and in our own important factory...our testicles.
  • Important gland functions from the pituitary and hypothalamus.
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that reduce the performance of our little friend.
  • Taking prescription drugs for medical conditions.
  • Social, work and psychological stress.

We know how it feels to go through this ordeal...

  • It is embarrassing, demeaning and we feel ashamed when our little friend cannot perform for us.
  • In just a few seconds, our own inner strength and self-confidence, gets shattered into million pieces.
  • The foundation of our manhood, vitality, strength and virility has let us down.
  • It simply is one of the most awful feelings any men can experience in their whole life.
  • It is sometimes hard to believe the types of difficulties, that families, marriages and close partners are experiencing in dealing with the failures of our sexual function.