Damages Erectile Dysfunction Drugs

Our ancestors never took anything that was not natural.
 They consulted with their tribal or town health experts.
 Recipes consisted of herbs, leaves, seeds and roots.
 This is because it is not healthy. It is not natural.

Our nutrition habits are so important for our overall well being, that these habits could be the cornerstone to recover from Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence or Premature Ejaculation.

Almost any food that has gone through an industrial process, it is boxed, canned, bagged, bottled or any other form of industrial packaging, we can be sure that it will contain food additives, chemical substances to increase shelf life that could have very negative effects on our own well being.

The foods we eat can be the foundation to a faster recovery. Especially primary non industrially processed foods.

But it seems that those of us prescription drugs were not aware of, or ignore the serious health hazards and life threatening events that we are exposing ourselves to.  We will read about these hazards in the Scientific Research/Warnings section.

Testosterone drugs:

  • Are artificially manufactured chemical compounds.
  • Made to mimic natural male testosterone.
  • To increase, in a synthetic way and not in a natural way, our testosterone levels in our bodies.
  • To provide back our vitality, strength, virility and performance.
  • To obtain high energy levels that enable physical and weight lifting exercises.

What most men do not realize is…that natural testosterone can only be generated in our body by our own glands and organs involved in this internal production process.

That artificial testosterone prescription drugs slow down our internal body’s natural testosterone production process.

Our own glands and organs involved in this process, go into an idle state, and we become dependent upon these synthetic drugs.

Sildenafil (Viagra®) drugs:

  • Is made of an unnatural chemical compound.
  • In an artificial way it alters our sexual function.
  • It dilates arteries exposing weak arteries to rupture.
  • The prolonged use of it can cause serious health hazards.

Finally alternative health, quality nutrition studies are making their way into mainstream scientific research for a few decades. Now the media seems to be catching up. We can make a difference so go ahead and spread the word out about it to family and friends.