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Reviewed by Lucinda Weeks – 5 Stars Rating

Background information of reviewer:   US Author of 2 books selling on Amazon, both of them with 5 stars customers reviews “The Adulteress: The Women who met Jesus Vol. I” and “Veronica: The Woman who met Jesus Vol. II”. She has her own blog.

The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction by Jorge Vidaurre MIM is a medical booklet that offers both traditional and holistic approaches to successfully treating a common medical condition that affects millions of men worldwide. Erectile dysfunction occurs when a man is unable to achieve a full erection, making sexual intercourse difficult or impossible to achieve. This generally affects men over the age of forty but can and often does affect younger men as well. Inside this book, the author describes causes of erectile dysfunction such as illness, moods, and negative thinking. The author talks about conventional methods used to treat erectile dysfunction. Some of these conventional methods include doctor prescribed medications, testosterone replacement therapy, penile implants, and injections. Vidaurre also offers a variety of holistic treatments for an alternative approach.

The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction is a very well written and well researched guide to understanding the causes of erectile dysfunction and in learning how to prevent and treat the disorder. A wealth of information is presented here. The book is precisely written in a way that can be highly respected by the medical community and yet is informative and easy to understand by the average reader. The author has done an excellent job at presenting very in depth and detailed explanations on every point. He has included multiple diagrams to further explain his research. I highly recommend The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction by Jorge Vidaurre to all men interested in preventing and treating this common disorder.


Reviewed by Sarah Stuart – 5 Stars Rating

Background information of reviewer:   UK author of the series of books “Royal Command” voted into the top 100 books of the year and was a Romance Finalist at the Independent Authors Network 2015 Book Awards, and “Illicit Passion” released at the end of 2015.

The introduction to Jorge Vidaurre’s The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction includes an admission that he too has experienced this condition. The reader is not being lectured by yet another expert: he is being offered advice from a fellow-sufferer. Jorge Vidaurre’s The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction includes warnings that readers should consult their doctor and seek their cooperation before beginning his programme. Figures are given in billions, reflecting the profits of pharmaceutical companies offering drug treatment. Also, pre-prepared food, household cleaners, and gardening aids manufacturers are cited as failing to warn consumers of possible side effects. Erectile dysfunction can lead to feelings of shame and frustration, and there is advice on how to combat this. Mr. Vidaurre includes references to expert sources and clinical study reports throughout. In addition, there are clear illustrations to show how the penis and items of medical equipment work.

Mr. Vidaurre suggests that food additives could be culprits, and commonly used cleaners and garden treatment materials may carry female estrogens that have an adverse effect on a male. Drastically altering diet, ceasing smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, and increasing exercise are worth the lifestyle changes: sex is good for you! The power of the mind over the body is amazing, and with erectile dysfunction it is important not to allow feelings of failure to win over a positive attitude, so depression and the drugs used to treat it are discussed. There are lists of dietary supplements and detailed information about each, and foods and drinks to avoid are addressed. The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction is an incredibly detailed, well-researched book that all men and their partners would benefit from reading.


Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo – 4 Stars Rating

Background information of reviewer:  Cameroon author of “Words Lost in the Wind” and “Courage to Embrace Yourself”, novelist and speaker.

The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction by Jorge Vidaurre is a revolutionary work that will change the approach in handling erectile dysfunction. For any man, the ability to satisfy a woman in bed is one of the distinctive traits of being a real man, and to lose this ability would be one of the most frustrating, humiliating, and heartbreaking experiences, one that can affect a person’s life even beyond their sexual relationship. In this interesting book, Vidaurre offers invaluable insights and solutions designed to help readers understand the causes, signs, and how to overcome this debilitating experience. The work is reinforced with a lot of statistics and results from tests conducted by experts over a long period of time. Most importantly, the author offers the startling revelation that erectile dysfunction can be overcome without recourse to sexual enhancers and pills like Viagra.

The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction by Jorge Vidaurre is a timely work that will be most welcome to men who are suffering from erectile dysfunction and those who want to understand the human sexual anatomy. Vidaurre writes with confidence and backs his claims with statistics that could be verified. His style is simple, which makes the message very accessible to a broad audience. With a compassionate voice, the author tells readers the things they want to hear but are quite often ashamed to ask or to talk about openly. This book can also be a wonderful resource for couples who are experiencing problems in their sexual relationships. It’s a quick read, packed with everything readers will want to know about erectile dysfunction, with solutions that range from the traditional treatments to herbal options. A must-read for anyone who wants to experience the best in their sex life.