Bio Author/Editor

George Vidaurre has been a professional researcher for the past 15 years that is constantly looking for new scientific research and discoveries with regards to alternative health and nutrition. He has been inspired by the work of other leading researchers in the field of alternative medicine, anti-aging and nutrition.  A few years back, he suffered from erectile dysfunction and after taking conventional drugs decided to dedicate long hours of research to find alternative health and nutrition scientific studies that helped him solve his erectile dysfunction. The quality of his research findings inspired him to write a book, titled the Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction, on its way to being a best seller.  He is in the process of starting translation into several foreign languages. He has been an a devoted researcher since his college years, in 1987 in his Junior year, he presented research that predicted the eventual fall of the Iron Curtain and the URSS (Union of Socialists Soviet Republics). He received a Bachelors of Science degree in 1992 from State University of New York at Albany, NY.  Later on he earn a traditional Masters of International Management from the Thunderbird Global School of Management.


Carolina Vidaurre, MD is a medical doctor that graduated from the National Autonomous University of Nicaragua, UNAN.  She is the daughter of the author and worked with him as his medical editor. Dr. Vidaurre was instrumental in presenting and deciphering complicated medical and scientific research, about alternative health and nutrition studies, into average English language and to validate from a medical perspective the work of George Vidaurre contained in the book, Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction.  Dr. Vidaurre also dedicated long hours of research to complement the work of the author.