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This is a book with 2 – Five Stars and 1 – Four Stars rating by professional reviewers of Reader’s Favorite (RF), RFis a well known independent author’s site that randomly selects the reviewers, who are authors with published work and avid readers.

Both Five Stars rating were issued by:
Lucinda Weeks, a US author of 2 books selling on Amazon, both of them with 5 stars customers reviews “The Adulteress: The Women who met Jesus Vol.I” and “Veronica: The Woman who met Jesus Vol. II”. She has her own blog. She said “…is a very well written and well-researched guide to understanding the causes of erectile dysfunction and in learning how to prevent and treat the disorder…The book is precisely written in a way that can be highly respected by the medical community and yet is informative and easy to understand by the average reader

Sarah Stuart, a UK author of the series of books “Royal Command” voted into the top 100 books of the year and was a Romance Finalist at the Independent Authors Network 2015 Book Awards, and “Illicit Passion” released at the end of 2015. She said “…there is advice on how to combat this. Mr Vidaurre includes references to expert sources and clinical study reports throughout…The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction is an incredibly detailed, well-researched book that all men and their partners would benefit from reading.

The Four Stars rating was issued by:
Romuald Dzemo, a Cameroon author of “Words Lost in the Wind” and “Courage to Embrace Yourself”, Novelist, Poet and Speaker. He said “The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction by Jorge Vidaurre is a revolutionary work that will change the approach in handling erectile dysfunction…Vidaurre writes with confidence and backs his claims with statistics that could be verified. His style is simple, which makes the message very accessible to a broad audience