5 Minute Evaluation

For your own personal evaluation (Suggest keeping it to yourself and be very sure who you share it with, like with your own healthcare professional.

Have you experienced in the past month(s):

  • Low levels of energy? how often?
  • Low libido and sexual desires? is it continuous?
  • Have you felt very tired? problems sleeping well?
  • Have had at least one failed erection in a month?
  • Have you heard how to avoid excessive exposure to estrogen, the female hormone that get into your body, feminizing men?


Think about your nutrition style:

  • Are you consuming cereals, breads, and low-fat foods?
  • What do eat for breakfast?
  • What do eat for lunch and dinner?
  • What types of snacks do you eat between meals?
  • What percentage of packaged foods make up your meals?
  • Have you heard about phytoestrogens, a form plant type of estrogen or female hormone?


How is your lifestyle?

  • Do you work long hours every day?
  • Do you disconnect from all media, tv, music, mobile, tablets?
  • For how long do you disconnect from all media?
  • Do you feel social stress or economic pressure?
  • Do you experience peer or work pressure?
  • How often do you drink alcohol, any recreational drugs?
  • What prescriptions drugs do you take? how often?


Frequency and quality of sex

  • How old are you?
  • How often do you have sex?
  • How is the quality of your sexual encounters?
  • Are you aware of the anti-aging and health benefits of frequent sex at any age? Yes even at an older age, over 70 and into the 80’s.