Natural Remedy for the Recovery of ED, Erectile Dsyfunction, Impotence in 2018

Natural Remedy Easy to Follow Step by Step Program, ED Treatment, How to Cure ED Permanently,


Natural Remedy for ED, Erectile Dsyfunction, Impotence Recovery in 2018


There are Millions of Men in the US and around the World with
Some Form of Sexual Dysfunction, Most Commonly Known as ED,
Erectile Dysfunction or Impotence.
Thus, you are not Alone,
Actually, ED is more common than what most Men imagine.

You Should not Have Any Thoughts or Feelings,

such as Frustration, Shame, Loss of Confidence and Hopelessness.


The type of ED you have could be casual,

mild, moderate or severe depending on the frequency

of the erectile dysfunction events you have.


You could get over it. You just have to do something about it.


Men rarely feel like sharing this problem.

You normally keep it to yourself,

maybe you share it with your healthcare practitioner.


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Read for more Insight Into Men's Sexual & Overall Health.

You may be using a traditional or an alternative health

impotence treatment, but maybe you feel there is...


something that is missing from your current treatment.


Maybe it is time that you give this healthy treatment a try, it provides:

  • With information that men of different ages are affected by ED.
  • Impotence even affects men age 20 or younger.
  • The natural benefits of having frequent sex.
  • How frequent your sexual activity should be to avoid some diseases.
  • What common diseases could be improved with frequent sex.
  • A nutrition style, not a diet to enhance your sexual function.
  • How to avoid high levels of estrogen and the fruits to lower them.
  • What to do to almost double your testosterone level.
  • How simple or complicated the sexual function of men can be.
  • The different body systems, organs and glands to be orchestrated for an erection and an ejaculation to happen.
  • What organs benefit with an ejaculation.
  • How frequently to take specific herbs and supplements to recover from ED.
  • Complete step by step how to do it program.
  • How to address casual, mild, moderate and severe cases of erectile dysfunction.

    Topic No. 1  --  Sample of the data used:

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Reviewed by 3 Professional Authors:

Before this book was published, it was reviewed by reviewers from

Reader’s Favorite (“RF”), a US well known independent author’s site.

Find below a brief summary of each reviewer’s critique and background.

five star badge

5 STARS ISSUED By Lucinda Weeks - Reviewer No.1

“The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction is a very well written and well researched guide to understanding the causes of erectile dysfunction and in learning how to prevent and treat the disorder. A wealth of information is presented here. The book is precisely written in a way that can be highly respected by the medical community and yet is informative and easy to understand by the average reader. I highly recommend The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction by Jorge Vidaurre to all men interested in preventing and treating this common disorder.”

Background information of reviewer No. 1: US Author of 2 books selling on Amazon, both of them with 5 stars customers reviews “The Adulteress: The Women who met Jesus Vol. I” and “Veronica: The Woman who met Jesus Vol. II”. She has her own blog.

five star badge

5 STARS ISSUED By Sarah Stuart - Reviewer No. 2

“...The reader is not being lectured by yet another expert…Mr Vidaurre includes references to expert sources and clinical study reports throughout ...materials may carry female estrogens that have an adverse effect on a male...There are lists of dietary supplements and detailed information about each, and foods and drinks to avoid…The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction is an incredibly detailed, well-researched book that all men and their partners would benefit from reading."

Background information of reviewer No. 2: UK author of the series of books “Royal Command” voted into the top 100 books of the year and was a Romance Finalist at the Independent Authors Network 2015 Book Awards, and “Illicit Passion” released at the end of 2015.

4 STARS ISSUED By Romuald Dzemo - Reviewer No. 3

“The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction by Jorge Vidaurre is a revolutionary work that will change the approach in handling erectile dysfunction…In this interesting book, Vidaurre offers invaluable insights and solutions designed to help readers understand the causes, signs, and how to overcome this debilitating experience. Most importantly, the author offers the startling revelation that erectile dysfunction can be overcome without recourse to sexual enhancers and pills like Viagra...Vidaurre writes with confidence and backs his claims with statistics that could be verified. His style is simple, which makes the message very accessible to a broad audience…It’s a quick read, packed with everything readers will want to know about erectile dysfunction, with solutions that range from the traditional treatments to herbal options. A must-read for anyone who wants to experience the best in their sex life.

Background information of reviewer No. 3: Cameroon author of “Words Lost in the Wind” and “Courage to Embrace Yourself”, Novelist, Poet and Speaker.


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Topic No. 2  --  Some of the Hazards of ED Drugs:

Has Worked for Others, Wouldn’t It Work for You?


Men Who Have Used These Herbs - Supplements

Mentioned It Helped Them Overcome ED.

Go Ahead Get This Program You Could Cure ED!


Some of the content of this program:


  • Page 12, Endocrine disruptors, US National Health Institute.
  • Page 14, Anti-aging health benefits of frequent sex.
  • Page 16, Vitamin T's health and sex benefits.
  • Page 31, Cornell University professor's Sexual Tipping Point.
  • Page 34, Low testosterone and erection function.
  • Page 35, High levels of estrogen in Men, how to lower them.
  • Page 43, Prostate's role in ejaculation function.
  • Page 50, Traditional ED Treatments in detail.
  • Page 64, Herbs and supplements to recover from ED.
  • Page 81, Step by step program with doses.
  • Page 83, Nutrition styles to improve ED recovery.
  • Page 92, A sexually focused lifestyle, drugs and alcohol.


The Results You Could Achieve Are Real...

...with this very simple Step by Step Program.


Helping to Improve & Maintain Sexual & Overall Health...

...Now and in the Future, While Avoiding ED Drugs.



Topic No. 3  --  What Causes ED or Impotence:

This Step by Step Program Really Works for:


  • Erectile Dysfunction, ED or Impotence.
  • Stronger health and possibly diminish aging.
  • Could reduce certain diseases.
  • It Could Work For Premature Ejaculation, PE (Not Tested).
  • Enhancement of Regular Sexual Function.


Hello, I am George Vidaurre, a 2 Five star & 1 Four star rated author by Reader's Favorite of the book presented below, edited by Carolina Vidaurre, MD, my daughter as Medical Editor.

“The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction”

Written with the only objective, to offer assistance to tens and hundreds of  thousands of men around the world, by sharing this Program featured in this multilingual site.


After all the trouble with my health condition and marriage, I persevered

to write this work with the Hope and Strength of God, the Almighty.



Topic No. 4  --  A Men's MUST HAVE program:


Supplement No. 1 - Pages 66 and 67 - Possible improvements:


  • Improved blood flow and overall circulation.
  • Promote release of growth hormones.
  • Stimulate immune function.
  • Increase muscle mass and lowers fat.
  • Reduce the risk of having blood clots and stroke.
  • Aid in the reduction of the growth of cancerous tumors.

And a few other possible improvements.



Topic No. 5  -- How to Become Less Feminine?

Supplement No. 2 - Pages 68 and 69 - Some other possible improvements:


  • Use to treat Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Some genetic disorders and dementia.
  • High blood pressure and Improved circulation.
  • Cardiovascular disease.
  • Better athletic and bodybuilding performance.


Supplement No. 3 - Pages 70 and 71 - More possible improvements:


  • Acts on tissues of skeletal and cardiac muscle, use fatty acids as primary fuel.
  • For the functions of the heart, for muscle movement and improving circulation.
  • Increases production of energy.
  • Free radical scavenger takes medium and long-chain fatty acids into mitochondria, so when oxidized and burned produce energy.
  • Transports toxic compounds out of the mitochondria.

And a few other health benefits.


Topic No. 6  --  Benefits of Erectile Dysfunction Drugs:

Supplement No. 4  -  Pages 71 and 72 - Other possible improvements:


  • For brain function aids biosynthesis of a key neurotransmitter for the functioning of the brain and nerves.
  • Could aid heart function with the movement of muscles and several other body processes.
  • Improve cognitive ability, memory and mood.
  • In a study it was proved when taken it aided to treat severe hepatic encephalopathy.
  • Effective with disorders of metabolic functions, specially if these are related to mitochondria diseases.


The list of health benefits continues on with other supplements and the nutrition style presented  in this step by step program:


Topic No. 7  --  How It Feels to Have ED:

You Don't Want To Take a Chance:

I had some friends and renowned people I knew, that

became victims of Poor health and ED or Impotence drugs.

David J., Albert C., Arnulf O. and a few others.

About ED

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  • Eliminate excess estrogen with natural sources.
  • Restore our own natural Testosterone production.
  • Raise our natural production of Nitric Oxide.
  • Adopt Nutrition to maintain our sex energy and vigor.
  • Get back our Manhood, Inner Strength and Self Confidence.
  • and, MOST IMPORTANTLY regain our family, marriage and close partner. In addition to numerous health benefits, some mentioned above.


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The Real Truth About Erectile Dysfunction


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